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性質 :

     (1) 成立妙蓮老和尚佛學獎學金,現已有四間中學、小學受益。

Scholarship founded for Buddhist studies is presently benefitting Four secondary and primary schools.

(2) 舉辦中小學內之禪修班,專門予校長、老師認識靜坐而減輕工作壓力。

Conduct Zen meditation courses in secondary and primary schools, specifically for school principals and teachers for insight knowledge to help ease work pressure.

(3) 不定期舉辦靜坐班予中小學生學習減壓。

Organize periodic meditation classes for secondary and primary students to help overcome learning tension.

(4) 每年派發結緣禮品予公眾市民。

Free distribution of gifts to the public for good causes annually.